Becoming a Street Pastor

To become a Street Pastor, you must be a minimum of 18 years old and committed to a local church.

We strongly recommend that you come and spend an evening with us as an “observer” before you make a final Our application process involves an application form, references, an interview and a PVG disclosure check (Protected Adults). We’ll make sure that you are fully trained for working as a Street Pastor. The training involves ten sessions, some of which are held on Saturdays and others on a weeknights. There are also two supervised patrols during the course of the training.

Once trained you will be welcomed as a Street Pastor (we call this “commissioning”) and join a team. We expect that Street Pastors will be out with their team once every 4 weeks on a Friday or Saturday. 

Our Street Pastors serve in three ways, always operating in teams of 3 or 4:

We expect that most of those working in the city centre will be flexible and will work in both the Safe Zone and on the streets, physical health allowing. 

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