Christine’s story

I was born into a Christian family and brought up in the church. I can't remember the exact time that I invited Jesus into my life, but I do know that I want Christ to be there to help and guide me in everything that I do. I have always felt that I have a calling to serve the Lord by reaching out to help others so every day I pray that Jesus will help me to give of myself to others and to be kind to everyone that I meet. When I heard that the Street Pastors had a place called the Safe Zone, I felt that this was somewhere I could do just that.

I serve in the Safe Zone once a month and I love the teamwork involved as the pastors work with all kinds of people, each bringing their different skills and talents to care for those who come through our door. Some of the people who come to us just need to charge their phones or use a toilet while others need some warmth and a cup of tea and toast. However, most weeks we have vulnerable people who require more help which involves providing care, compassion and a bit of problem solving to work out how best to help them. Every week, prayers are answered, and we can usually manage to get people to a stage that they can get home safely.

It is comforting to know that Prayer Pastors are praying for situations which we are experiencing and sometimes, when people realise that they are in a church or being cared for by pastors, they will ask for us to pray for them.

Each time that I'm in the Safe Zone, we meet with new people who need our care and help. With God's help we provide the care they need, and it is my privilege to serve God in this way.